Rolleiflex and other black and whites

Lately, I’ve been working on my darkroom and scanning workflow, trying out chemicals etc. I think it’s been paying off, and I’m excited to keep shooting film again. Here are the Rolleiflex shots first: some nikon F3, with the precious Voigtlander 20mm: and, of course, the adorable Lomo sprocket rocket (very very decent lens!):

Leros Solidarity Network Costume Party @ PIKPA

On a lovely Saturday afternoon, everyone gathered at the PIKPA building in Leros for a heartwarming children’s costume party. Learn more about the Leros Solidarity Network and our actions in support of refugees here – It is great to shoot these kids, they love having their picture taken and, when you show them the pics […]

a couple of forgotten films

finally got round to developing some left-over black and white films. It took me a while to remember how to use chemicals, but I got there. Hopefully there’ll be some new films soon. Sprocket Rocket: Rolleiflex: and some 35mm, show with the Nikon F3:

Back to black and white

The little Ricoh GR renders such beautiful colors, that for a long while I stopped producing black and white images, but I felt it was time I got back on the wagon. The GR preview mode has a very nice black and white setting (via effects) to help you set up your frames with b&w in […]

Long overdue post

I apologize in advance for the long post, but that’s what happens when you never find the time. It’s been a very busy and difficult time. Things have been tough all around Greece, dealing with a double crisis, and on our small island, most of us have been busy, ceaselessly tending to our work while […]

The PIKPA building

The PIKPA project in Leros was made possible by the coordinated efforts of Matina Katsiveli and the members of the Leros Solidarity Network, with significant contributions by organizations and individuals who chose to invest their money in a project aimed at safeguarding the refugees’ basic human rights, treating them with respect and making sure that […]

Another day of solidarity

Only two days have passed after the events in Paris, and journalists have arrived on our small island by the dozens, looking for a story -some piece of information linking to the notorious “Syrian passport” found at the attack scene. It was strange to suddenly be bombarded with questions about the situation in Leros by […]

Syrian Refugee Crisis: A day at the camp

I live in Leros, one of the islands in Greece heavily affected by the Syrian Refugee crisis. I am also part of the Leros Solidarity Network (Facebook: lerossn) which, in coordination with a number of organizations (UNHCR, MSF, etc.) and a multitude of volunteers from all around the world, has been helping literally hundreds of people […]

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