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Sunday breakfasts, summer fog inter alia
first some photos from a Sunday visit at the wonderful Archontiko Angelou, a place out of time and space: the fog (in the middle of the day, in the middle of the summer, in Leros): and, finally, the “alia”:  
  the latest addition to our family, Yoshimi: and some other black and whites:
Easter 2015
Here are some photos from this Easter, which we spent with Jim and the lovely Stevenson family. Serious business: sticker face: ntagla: Judas, about to be burnt: Lakki: and, some black and whites: coffee in the sun:    
Leros street part 1
This post is the first part of an ongoing series, a collection of shots exploring the streets and people of Leros:    
Leros Carnival 2015
Here are some shots from this year’s (short and at times surreal) carnival celebrations on the island of Leros: epic dude:  
Short colour post
              and a couple of colour shots from the (often surreal) Leros carnival: this one’s definitely my next Xmas card: and, some toilet paper to wrap things up:        
Ricoh GR black and white test drive
this is my first test drive of the Ricoh GR as an all-around, walk-around, street-snapping black and white camera. ISO settings are set at Auto (100-800) and all images are converted in Lightroom, using customized VSCO plugins (mainly HP5, Tri-X and Neopan 400). My first impressions are very, very positive:   I predict some serious fun with this little camera!
Sunday Drive
in lovely, gloomy weather:                          
around Athens in Xmas
caught Santa off-duty: and some black & whites:  
World Class Cocktail Nights With Aristotelis Papadopoulos
Yet another magical night at the Mylos Terrace Cocktail Bar. Already known for its exquisite, high-quality cocktails (courtesy of bartender extraordinaire Dimitris Manglaris) and its wonderful atmosphere (courtesy of Yorgos Koutsounaris and the majestic views of Leros), the Mylos Terrace Cocktail Bar managed to surprise yet again, by hosting a three-day event with world-class bartender Aristotelis Papadopoulos, who offered us a wide array of mysterious and exotic creations such as the “unripe satsuma sour” cocktail, as well as many others created on the spot. Indeed, it was a wonderful experience, to have an accomplished bartender create unique cocktails according to your personal preferences, and then enjoying those cocktails in a beautiful bar with great music and good company! P.S. Excuse the long post. I wanted to get as many shots in as possible, so the guys can pick and choose the ones they want for their own purposes. and let us not forget the wonderful Sofia Siore, without whom the whole thing would most definitely fall apart: and for the photobomb: Yorgos, stealing some moments of relaxation: and a couple of shots in b&w:    
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