My Street By the Sea

I’m a big fan of street photography and, living on an island for many years, I’ve taken many “street” photographs around the Aegean, but since they have a distinctly different feel to traditional city street photography, I’ve come up with the name “my street by the sea”, which I think captures their vibe nicely :) This is probably my largest ongoing series.

"snorkeler, Leros"
"My street by the sea"
"Ipanema, Leros"
"boat deck, middle of the night"
"Agia Marina beach, Leros"
"Tribute to Cartier-Bresson, Leros island"
"Vromolithos Beach, Leros"
"She took my soul in Istanbul"
"At the farmer's market"
"Workers on a break"
"Boat arriving at Symi"
"Woman carrying shopping in Lindos, Rhodes"
"Girl in Lindos, Rhodes"
"Lakki by night"
"le ball"
"in Kimolos island"
"of grandmas"
"Dude, Rhodes"
"Bus ride from hell, Kimolos"
"Couple in swimming pool, Rhodes"
"Rhodes old town"
"Aegean cats, Kimolos"
"always on the ferry"
in Whitby, UK
in Whitby, UK